North Underhill
Cemetery Association
 Located on Poker Hill Road
Underhill, Vermont 05489


north  underhill cemetery association

2017 newsletter



2011 Area Seeded

Cost $285



We dedicate this year’s News Letter to long time Trustee of the North Underhill Cemetery Association, PHIL COOK. Here you see Phil in Spring of 2012 standing next to the sign announcing the North Underhill Cemetery Annual Meeting.  Phil has served as Trustee for the last 25 years, and he was also a supporter of the organization before that.  Phil was born and raised in Underhill and was a member of the University of Vermont faculty during his working career.  Thirty plus years ago Phil started Poker Hill Gardens as a hobby business and it is now a small specialty nursery. The "gardens" are separate groupings of plants scattered over the diverse habitats provided by the landscape which includes woodland, open meadow, and a small stream. It is plants growing in the various groupings which provide the stock for propagation and sale. Hardiness is assured.  Thank you, Phil, for your dedication and hard work making the North Underhill Cemetery a better place.


  • Please check out our website the address is: There is also a link where you can look up a loved one that is buried in Underhill.
  • Our cemetery was cared for by Chris Toulis (Ground Control Property Maintenance) Chris has done an excellent job with mowing and fall clean up.  Our total cost was $1000.
  • There were no burials or graves sold.
  • Marc Maheux continues to do our mapping on a no charge fee and Marc has made it possible for us to list all the people buried in the North Underhill Cemetery, thank you Marc.  To find these names go to our website and click on the heading: PICTURES



Bond, Amy Clark, Randy & Kitty Clark's Truck Center
Cushman, Rufus & Carolyn  Gumbart, Elizabeth MNP Trust                          Murad, Timothy & JoAnne Pallotta, Leonard & Jeanne Poland, Myra
 TOTAL DONATIONS RECEIVED:  $925.00 Our donations were up by 37% in 2017!!  Thank you all so much, we appreciate your support because as you know your donations are what keeps us going, without you we are not sure what would happen…THANK YOU  DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED, AND MAY BE SENT TO ABOVE ADDRESS

 Planned Giving  Creating a Legacy

The North Underhill Cemetery Association has received generosity from family and friends of people buried here.  People have made many types of gifts to support the cemetery and its upkeep. 

A gift to the North Underhill Cemetery Association can bring important financial benefits to you. Planned gifts can generate lifelong income, convert low-yielding assets into a higher income stream at reduced tax rates, obtain significant income tax deductions, and reduce estate taxes.

There are only three places that your assets will be distributed after your lifetime: your heirs, charitable organizations or the government. Planning now will assure that you control the way your assets are used instead of the Federal government doing that for you by default. 

Our Treasurer can work with you to design the most advantageous ways of giving to meet your goals.If you would like more information about planned gifts to the NUCA please call Randy H. Clark, Treasurer at 802-899-2233, or email him at  We look forward to helping you accomplish your financial and philanthropic goals.  The NUCA is a 501(c) (13) Tax Exempt Organization, your donations are tax deductible.

2017 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the North Underhill Cemetery Association was held May 6, 2017 at Clark’s Truck Center in Jericho.  The meeting was called to order at 9:13am by

Rick James, Secretary.  Members present were:  Randy Clark, Sarah James, Gail James, Tim Murad and Rick James and guest, Scott Smith.

Secretary’s Report:

The secretary’s report was read and accepted.

Treasurers’ report:

This is Randy’s 60th annual meeting.  He wanted everyone to know how much he has enjoyed this organization.  We are a 501c3 organization.  We filed form 990 again this year.  This form needs to be completed every year.  It can be completed online, by answering three simple questions.  We received $676.69 in 2016 in donations. 

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

Trustees Report:

Nothing to report.

Sexton’s Report:

No lots sold and no burials in 2016.  Advertising for lots generated no calls. 

Read and accepted.

Old Business:

Continue to make Murad’s aware we are interested in purchasing land if it should become available. The sign will go back up for the summer season.  Grave pricing to be increased to $625.  Pricing to be reviewed annually.  Corner stones are $225 installed.

New Business:

Mowing will be done again by Todd Fornier, Quality Touch Mowing for the same price, $1000 annually.  More information about the “Green Lot” initiative is still required.  We’re not aware of any new regulations as of now.  It’s important to note that all burials be documented.  Should we consider obtaining a liability insurance policy?  The Underhill Cemetery Association has offered indirectly to include us as a listing property on their policy.  We would be willing to provide up to 25% of the current premium or $100 (whichever is less) of the premium cost for this year.

Election of Officers:   A new slate of officers was determined.  It was a unanimous vote.

Slate of Officers:

Gail James – President

Kyle James - Vice President

Rick James – Secretary

Randy Clark – Treasurer

Sarah James, Phil Cook, and Tim Murad –Trustees

Randy Clark, Tim Murad  - Sextons

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard D. James

Richard D. James, Secretary




The members of the North Underhill Cemetery Association are hereby warned to meet on Saturday May 5, 2018 at 9:00AM at Clark's Truck Center, Jericho, VT to transact the following business:    

1.  To hear and act on the reports of its officers

                        A.  Secretary’s report

                        B.  Treasurer’s report

                        C.  Trustee’s report

                        D.  Sexton’s report